While current politics fights to maintain the current economic system, the world is heading towards dangerous and irreversible climate change. Send this toilet paper roll with the latest IPCC’s report to world leaders, politicians and policy makers to remind them that they should be acting upon the science. The perfect toilet read!

Send a roll!

For the last 20 years, the UN climate summits have not delivered any significant solution that effectively prevents dangerous climate change. On the contrary, CO2 emissions have increased, and climate inequality, ecosystem depletion and unsustainable consumption have only worsened.

The science behind climate change and what we can do to prevent it has been well established by different IPCC reports. As of 20 November 2015, only four countries have submitted pledges (INDC’s) that are consistent with the globally agreed goal of limiting warming to below 2°C. One plus one equals two: Governments are not acting upon the science. They are failing us.

To highlight this fact, I have printed the latest IPCC’s report text on rolls of toilet paper. During the UN Climate Summit in Paris, I aim to distribute them among global influencers whose role should be ensuring we pass on a just and livable planet to future generations. At the same time, everyone can participate by sending a roll to their most uncooperative local politician.