A very personal motivation

I come from one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world, and I am lucky to have experienced a myriad of beautiful places: the Amazon rainforest, 5,000 MASL snow peaks, waterfalls, the Lake Titicaca and its islands. I’ve seen the stars in a cloudless and smog-less sky many times. I’ve met beautiful people along the way. People that consistently defend their habitat from extractive industries. These warriors have always known that we are part of the territory and not its owners. They didn’t have to be taught this most important fact of life. They knew it, they felt it, and they’ve always acted upon it. In the meantime, and on the other side of the ocean, we’ve become aliens of our own territory.

Twelve years ago, I chose to live on the other side of the ocean, seeking new opportunities and personal growth. I have no regrets for two core reasons: Firstly, because disillusionment made me understand that nature, and the people living interconnected with it, are neglected. I was taught the most important fact of life, and started acting upon it. I’m a girl from the capital city, after all. And secondly, because my two beautiful girls were born here, whose wisdom and innocence push me every morning out of bed. They deserve a better world than the one we are leaving behind.

I sincerely wish for them to be able to see the same beauty I was so fortunate to see. I want them to be able to see the stars when they grow up.

I have no power to make sure that will happen, only that of my imagination.