On 24 November 2015, I visited the House of Representatives (de Tweede Kamer in Dutch) for the first time. The Dutch contribution to the Conference of the Parties in Paris was discussed among the leaders of the parties, the minister of environment Sharon Dijkstra and the Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Everything they did was discussing the new proposal for a climate law that hopefully it’ll get implemented. Climate finance was overall abstractly discussed; the closing of the coal-fired plants is going to be possible thanks to huge investments in biomass and gas power generation; not a very clean and sustainable transition.

I offered a toilet paper roll at the entrance of the building, but no one received it. I took one to the public tribune but the security officer immediately called me out. He thought I’d use it as a throwing weapon, so he asked me to put it in the locker. At the end I managed to leave the throwing weapons in the toilets.