I came to Paris with a plan, to fill the toilets of COP21 with toilet paper rolls with the IPCC report printed on them. The aim of this action is to visually expose the fact that global leaders are wiping their asses with the science. And along with the science, with the future of the vulnerable communities on earth.

My initial plan is not feasible. I have visited every single toilet in the Blue Zone, and there’s no way to place the toilet paper. First of all, the toilets are ugly and tiny. It’s an airport, so imagine the toilets, this are even worse. I can’t hang them or place them inside the toilet paper dispensers because they use individual sheets of paper instead of rolls. The toilets’ water containers are built inside the walls, so there’s no horizontal surface to place them. And I won’t place them on the floor.

When something you have imagined is not feasible, either you stop pursuing the idea or an array of possibilities appears, and in this case it is the toilet paper myth.

While I’m rethinking the plan, the toilet paper myth has started to spread across many different groups. First, I pitched the idea during the YOUNGO action meeting. The kids pissed themselves. The same happened this morning during the Climate Justice Network meeting. The bigger NGO’s are also talking about it, but they don’t dare to take on such an involved action. Heads of security have also heard about it, even some members of the UNFCCC think the science on toilet paper is a cool idea. Hundreds of people are eager to participate but only a few people have actually seen the toilet paper.