Press release

Le Bourget, France

9 December 2015


Are countries wiping their asses with the science? Find out more in the toilets of the Blue Zone, where hundreds of toilet paper rolls with the IPCC report printed on them will be anonymously placed today.

One of the most creative contributions to the COP21 in Paris without a doubt comes in toilet paper rolls. Give a Shit! is an art project, where the artists have printed an excerpt of the IPCC AR5 report on hundreds of toilet paper rolls. These rolls will be placed inside the toilets of Le Bourget today, especially those close to the plenary rooms in Hall 1.

Why? The science behind climate change has been well established by the IPCC reports, but climate negotiators are not acting upon it. According to the AR5 report, it will take just 6 six years of current emissions to exhaust a carbon budget that would give us a 66% chance to keep global warming under 1.5 degrees, which might save the lives of most frontline communities.

As the climate negotiations advance, we are missing this opportunity. The Paris deal will likely be a death sentence for the poor and a guarantee to keep business as usual in rich countries.

This initiative is directed to those negotiators who are obstructing a fair and just climate deal that will prevent catastrophic climate change. It is in no way designed to undermine the value of the IPCC publication.

For more information please visit, and the toilets of the Blue Zone in Le Bourget.

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